Partners Forex

MQF Partners is MQF's new Affiliate Program, initiated for Affiliates, Introducing Brokers, Money Managers and White Labels.

MQF considers every Affiliate website and mailing list as a potential goldmine. Register with MQF today and start driving traffic to our fast converting business. Browse and select your preferred creative marketing tools conceived and designed by our expert graphics team.

MQF Partners instantly enjoy our standard set of tools including; banners, powerful landing pages, email templates, widgets and gadgets. You can also choose to work with your Affiliate Account Manager to request custom tools created just for you.

Main features of the Partner Program are:

  • Multiple commission structures, CPA per country, regular CPA, revenue share and much more.
  • Extensive creative marketing tools for offline, online ,mobile
  • Clear payment structure, monthly auto payment
  • Real Time statistics
  • Full in depth reporting
  • Monthly promotions
  • Sub affiliation program

風險提示: 差價合約(CFD)是壹種杠桿產品。差價合約(CFD)交易存在風險,因此可能不適用於所有投資者。 投資價值可能上升或下降,投資者可能損失所有投資。 在任何情況下,本公司不會對由差價合約(CFD)交易引起的任何個人或實體的全部或部分損失或損害負責。